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Video Systems

Video Systems

Video Systems

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Just as sound can set the mood for your project, video is one of the most powerful mediums to express your ideas or help tell a story.  A dynamic video presentation is an important element for many projects.  Whether it’s for a hotel, museum or attraction, ITEC Technologies can provide you with a superior visual experience.

ITEC’s experience ranges from single screen application systems to massive multi-projector blended screen projection.  Our staff utilizes the latest technology for both image generation and video storage.  ITEC's solutions are easy to operate and easy to maintain.

ITEC can also provide video solutions for digital signage and wayfinding systems.  These systems can be installed in a traditional environment or hardened to work in the most demanding environments.  ITEC was one of the early leaders in the use of digital signage for the retail and mass transit industries.  One of our transit applications utilized a system with over 8000 mobile display units operating independantly in multiple cities with automatic wireless media updates. 

ITEC Technologies has provided the video systems for many of the industry’s best-known and most challenging projects.  If your project needs creative video system engineering, give us a call and talk to one of our Solution Engineers.

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