Ultimate Energy Animation

ITEC Technologies provided the system design and animation programing direction for the Ultimate Energy attraction in Wuhan China.  This attraction utilizes large animated figures with live stage performers and a massive projection screen.  Each of the animated figures are located on lifts with a hatch system which covers the figures when they are in the retracted position.  Because of the interaction of the hatch with the animated figure and proximity of live actors, a safety rated control system is utilized.  ITEC design and produced the safety rated system. 

The animation control systems for these figures are comprised of animation playback equipment and industrial controllers for lift positioning.  The lift and hatch systems are operated with safety rated variable speed drives.  The lift and hatch drives are controlled by the safety rated system.  The figures use a combination of servo motor and pneumatic actuators for the figure's movements.  The animation playback is synchronized to the film using show time code.  Due to the safety nature of these figures, manual enables are utilized in the control booth which are required to enable each segment of the figure's movements.

Ultimate Energy Animation

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