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All electronic components have a limited service life.  Even the longest life system will reach the point where the wear and tear on the equipment has made the system unreliable.  Often components in the system are no longer supported by the OEM.  Once OEM support ends, the availability of spare parts tends to diminish quickly.  For critical systems, this dilemma creates a high level of operational risk on elements that your guests expect.

ITEC Technologies can help to modernize these systems for you.  Modernization is where our engineering staff performs an analysis of your existing system and provides you with a plan to upgrade your existing system with the latest hardware and software.  The plan will be designed to minimize the downtime of the system or to schedule it during the slowest operational period for you.


If the system to be modernized is a safety critical system, new developments,  such as safety-rated processors, I/O, and software can be utilized in the design, which often simplifies the overall system.  ITEC has successfully modernized many existing control systems.  Many of these systems are for some of the largest projects in the industry.  If you have a system that  may need modernization, give us a call and talk to one of our Solution Engineers.


Representative Projects

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