ITEC Technologies provides specialized control system that are designed to control the motion of animated characters.  Animation control is a very demanding application.  Depending on the complexity and size of the animated element the use of sophisticated closed loop motion control with compliance is used.

ITEC has been working to advance the state of the art by allowing animated sequences in modeling software such as Maya to be directly imported into the playback system to achieve a unmatched level of realism.

ITEC Technologies has provided the animation control system for some of the industry’s most iconic and most challenging figures.  ITEC’s animation control solutions incorporate these key features

  • Reliability- ITEC has systems which have been operating continuously for over 25 years.

  • Easy of Operation- Every ITEC system is designed with simple to use operator interfaces which minimize training and maintenance costs.

  • Industry Standard Components- ITEC uses industry standard components which are designed and supported for long life.

  • UL-508A Certification- ITEC systems are fabricated in our UL certified facilities signifying our commitment to quality.