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Show Control Systems

Show Control Systems

Show Control Systems

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Show control systems operate just like the director of a complex play.  ITEC Technologies provide show control systems for any size attraction.  These systems incorporate specialized electronic hardware and software to direct and control all elements of  the attraction insuring continuous precise and seamless operations. 


ITEC's engineering staff  is very experienced in developing show control systems for complex attractions with  numerous show elements.  These elements include lighting, audio, video, special effects, animation, and large moving equipment or platforms.  ITEC has provided systems which maintain all of the show scenes synchronized to a single show clock, or which operate completely independently,  as is required for museum applications.  ITEC's show control systems have been used for applications, such as stunt shows or live actor shows, requiring safety-rated solutions.


ITEC has provided the show control systems for many of the industry’s best-known and most challenging shows.  ITEC’s show control solutions incorporate these key features:


  • Reliability- ITEC has systems which have been operating continuously for over 25 years.  

  • Ease of Operation- Every ITEC system is designed with simple-to-use operator interfaces, which minimize training and maintenance costs.  

  • Long life components- ITEC uses components from the industrial control manufacturers, which are designed and supported for long life.   

  • UL-508A Certification- ITEC systems are fabricated in our UL certified facilities signifying our commitment to quality and safety.  

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