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Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

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ITEC Technologies provided the on-vehicle audio playback and power system for the Rip Ride Rocket attraction at Universal Studios Orlando.  This is a roller coaster attraction which is comprised of multiple ride vehicles operating independently on the ride track.  Guests using a graphic interface select the song that they would like to hear during their ride. 

ITEC provided the audio playback system which allow each guest’s selection to playback to their specific speakers.  The system utilizes custom design circuit boards to provide the audio playback and amplification.  This system also provides the playback of DMX lighting control data for the effect lights on the outside of the vehicle.  This system is extremely hardened as the equipment operates outdoors and is subjected to high G loads multiple time on every ride.

ITEC also provided the power system for the vehicle which utilizes super capacitors.  These capacitors are charged every time the vehicle enters the station area.  Once the vehicle leaves the station, the vehicle is self-powered for the duration of the trip.  The power system feeds all ITEC provided equipment, plus other third-party equipment which is on the vehicle.  The power system has also been designed for high G load environments along with high voltage transients which are static charges built up by the vehicle as it rolls on the track.

Rip Ride Rockit

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