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Revenge of the Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy

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ITEC Technologies provided the show control system for the Revenge of the Mummy attractions which are located in Orlando Florida and Singapore.  This attraction has a themed queue that is combined with a thrilling indoor roller coaster.


The queue is broken up into multiple themed areas with different show effects including some interactive elements.  Each area of the queue has a unique lighting look and multiple tracks of audio to help build on the spooky mood of the attraction.

The ride operates through multiple scenes some of which the guests are propelled backwards on their journey.  Each scene is controlled by the ITEC system which utilizes ride sensors to allow for very precise timing of the scene to the movement of the vehicle.  The scenes use a large array of elements including animated figures, lighting, audio, video, large moving show action equipment, liquid nitrogen and real fire effects.

Because of the safety nature of the fire and liquid nitrogen effects, the ITEC system provides perimeter safety for these effects.  Additionally, the ITEC system monitors oxygen and heat levels in the confined spaces near these effects.

The ITEC show control system controls all aspects of the show elements off board of the ride vehicle including the audio, video, animation lighting and special effects subsystems.  The show control system provides for manual control of each element supporting maintenance activities as well as individual element disables for extended maintenance efforts.

Revenge of the Mummy

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