Monstars of Rock

ITEC Technologies developed Solitaire Monstars of Rock™, which is one of the most unique solitaire cards game on iOS and Android!  The solitaire game has over 400 challenging levels!  Players use their solitaire playing skills to help the band succeed on the road trip.  What are you waiting for?  Get on the tour bus and Download Solitaire Monstars of Rock today.

Here are some of the unique elements of Solitaire Monstars:
- Solitaire game with a rocking soundtrack and effects.
- Multiple levels of bonus opportunities including streak awards which unlock cool prizes.
- Over 400 different levels of game play.
- Cloud hosted custom Leaderboard allows players from any platform to compete with each other.
- Special game cards and other hidden cards for special rewards.
- Rewards based on time to complete and number of cards used.
- Game result sharing system allows players to share scores with friends and family.

Monstars of Rock

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