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ITEC Cares

ITEC Cares

ITEC Cares

ITEC Entertainment and Give Kids The World

The relationship between Give Kids The World and ITEC Entertainment began over 20 years ago, shortly after the Village opened its doors in 1989. The founder of Give Kids The World, Henri Landwirth, wanted to provide children with life-threatening illnesses and their families memorable, magical, and cost-free experiences in the heart of the Theme Park Capital of the World: Orlando, Florida. As his vision became reality and began to grow, Henri reached out to various local companies, including ITEC, to help make the Village a very special place.

After hearing Henri's story and learning about the organization, we jumped at the chance to get involved and promptly joined in the creation of and construction of the Castle of Miracles, which became the center piece of Henri's vision. In the following years, ITEC's commitment to Henri and his vision has been an integral part of our corporate culture. It is our emotional connection to the Village and its special guests which motivates us to help bring many of the new and wonderful Village venues to life. From Amberville Train Station and Matthew's Boundless Playground, to the more recently-created Star Tower and GKTW Gallery, ITEC Entertainment and its staff are honored to be a small part of an inspiring roster of corporate and private 'heroes' who make the Village what it is today. This virtual "who's who" of noted companies and individuals continue to support the great team at Give Kids The World in their tireless efforts to make a difference in the lives of special children and their selfless, loving families.


As a pioneer in resort design and planning, and theme park planning and design, ITEC is committed to social responsibility in all that we do. Dedicated to values of respect, dependability, and compassion, ITEC strives to share the many talents housed within its brand to spread happiness all over the world. One such manner can be seen close to ITEC's world headquarters, with Give Kids The World.

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