Daytona USA

ITEC Technologies developed the interactive displays and exhibits for the Daytona USA project.  These interactive displays included story telling enhancements for static displays and role playing simulations.  ITEC provided all of the interactive displays in the facility, including the following experiences:

NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow: This interactive display allowed guests to see NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow  which is a completed version of Jeff Gordon's No. 24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet.  The car would disassemble itself by expanding upwards exposing the major sub-components of the car, and then the car would lower, reassembling itself.

You Broadcast the Race: ITEC developed this unique Interactive which allowed guests at multiple kiosks to record their version of the end of a thrilling NASCAR race.  Guests could also purchase their broadcast to take home with them.


16-Second Pit Stop Challenge: ITEC created an exhibit where guests performed a typical NASCAR pit stop in a simulated environment.  Visitors tried to beat the time of the simulated pit crew in this lighting fast stop for gas and tires.

Daytona USA

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