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Billy Graham Library

Billy Graham Library

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ITEC Technologies provided the video system for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte North Carolina.  The library has multiple themed spaces that guests move through until they enter the main theater. 

This project had a unique challenge in that over 60 years of different types and formats of film and video media needed to be edited and converted to video for displayed in the library, and in some cases in ways that were as close to the original presentation as possible.

The library has 35 separate video feeds within the facility.  ITEC utilized a variety of projectors, screens, and monitors to create the desired effect in each area.  For example, to recreate the look of multiple 1960’s TVs, custom Plexiglas screens were created which were fitted on top of modern LCD monitors internal to the TV cabinets which together created the correct look.   

The main theater utilizes a large projection screen with multiple projectors that are edge blended to create a single image.  The video sources for all images in the library are from digital video servers that are connected to each display device.

Billy Graham Library

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