Bayou River Blast

ITEC Technologies created Bayou River Blast which allows you to sail into a rip-roarin’ swamp sensation! Hop on-board Bayou River Blast, an exciting, high-speed escapade where you pilot your own ship across a rollicking river path.

This addicting adventure puts you in the driver’s seat as the newest captain at Mr. Valentin’s Swamplands Shipping Company.  Collect everything from shrimp to fireflies to deliver to a cast of colorful bayou animals. Use your quick reflexes to guide your boat and its barges across the bayou, smashing into crates to fill them up and deliver your gathered loot upstream. But watch out – your clients aren’t the only ones who want to snatch up those shipments! Hungry gators, rowdy pirates, and sly witch doctors are just a few of the foes you’ll face along the way! Do you have what it takes to master the winding rivers of the Bayou on this unique and thrilling journey?

Bayou River Blast

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