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Animation Control

Animation Control

Animation Control

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ITEC Technologies provides specialized control systems, that are designed to control the motion of animated characters.  Animation control is a very demanding application.  Depending on the complexity and size of the animated element, ITEC uses sophisticated closed-loop motion control with compliance.


Animated figures come in all sizes and levels of complexity.  ITEC has experience working on very large figures and figures that are in demanding environmental conditions.  ITEC is experienced in delivering systems that deal with safety considerations, such as animated figures that operate with live actors or figures that have space limitations which can cause damage to the figure.    

ITEC has been advancing  state-of-the-art systems  by allowing animated sequences in modeling software, such as Maya, to be directly imported into the playback system achieving an unmatched level of realism.

ITEC Technologies has provided the animation control system for some of the industry’s most difficult and iconic and most challenging figures.

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